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(like the moon)

So, how does a former NCAA Tennis Player with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy end up in the entertainment industry?
Conan the Destroyer. Yes, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
As a kid, I couldn't get enough of the magic, sorcery, and sword-fighting. Fast-forward to two college diplomas (funny enough, Arnold was the "Governator" at the time and signed my college diploma), a Masters Degree, and a Social Work career later, I ended up fulfilling my childhood dream of being an actor and taking up martial arts again. Sometimes, the child in us had it right the first time and as adults, we forget to dream. 
One fateful day while working at the Cheesecake Factory, I happened to drop off a Chinese Chicken Salad for an agent, who gave me the best piece of career advice: study with Anthony Abeson. I found him, joined his class, and never wanted to leave. Before I knew it, I had the honor of sharing the screen with Susan Sarandon (Ace the Case: Manhattan Mystery), Naomi Watts (Gypsy), Aidan Quinn (Elementary), and Donnie Wahlberg (Blue Bloods). This summer, I'll be joining the DC Comics Universe in a recurring role on Stargirl.  

And, thanks to Hinds Combat Sports opening up in my neighborhood, I took up Muay Thai. My Muay Thai journey eventually led me to Thailand, where I spent three months training at a Muay Thai camp. 

Here's to dreaming and stepping into our gifts. 

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